Class of 2019 Signing Out!

Alexandrea Sams, Contributor

My name is Alexandrea Sams, and I am a Senior this year at MCS. I have only been here for three years, but I am so thankful for the time I got with the amazing staff here, and I am even more thankful for all of the awesome friendships I have built here throughout my high school years.

High school can be stressful and hard sometimes, believe me, I know. But you just have to keep going and be brave through the storm. The work all pays off in the end.

I can’t even begin to name how many people told me I couldn’t do it. They told me I wasn’t gonna make this far, but here I am. I’ve had some really rough times especially in the past year so, trust me when I say this: If I can do it, you guys can too!

There are amazing teachers and staff here that will bend over backward to help you and pray for you during anything that you may be going through. God put me in this school unexpectedly but there was a purpose and I see that now.

Time flies once you make it to high school. Enjoy your time while your here. Every single one of the people involved in your school years deserves a shout-out so make sure you thank everybody around you for contributing to your high school experience.

To our teachers, thank you for so unselfishly sharing your time, talent and knowledge with us. Yes, we know it was your job to do it, but what you did for us went beyond the call of duty. You took the time to explain assignments, sometimes repeatedly because we weren’t paying attention. You allowed us to come to your classroom after school for extra help when you could have gone home to spend time with your family. You put in the effort to make lessons more interesting so we wouldn’t just tune out. You demanded excellence from us whether or not we wanted to give it. You set the bar high and challenged us to live up to it.

To our parents, thank you for supporting us in more ways than it’s possible to count. You dragged us out of bed each morning, made sure we were fed and clothed for school. You herded us out the door to the bus stop or drove us to school yourselves. You helped us with homework, paid our class fees, and listened to our complaints. You came to our plays, attended our sporting events, and chaperoned our formal events. You commiserated over our daily dramas, but you tried to give us enough space to learn how to work things out for ourselves. These are just a few of the thousands of ways you’ve supported us on our journey.

To our coaches and advisors, thank you for making school about more than just classwork. Through sports, we learned how to power on through adversity and give it our best effort, win or lose. We learned the importance of discipline and good sportsmanship. Through other activities like participating in clubs, school plays and service projects, we learned how to work closely with others to achieve a common goal, and we had a lot of fun doing it.

To our custodial staff and lunchroom attendants, thank you for keeping our school clean and safe. You know better than anyone else what slobs we’ve been. You actually deserve some kind of medal.

How do we even measure the time we’ve spent in high school? In the beginning, we measured it in class periods, counting down the day to eventual freedom. As the days and weeks passed, we measured it in semesters, and later in years as we moved from being those clueless freshmen, to becoming sophisticated sophomores who thought they had it all figured out. By the time we reached our junior year, we were confident that we were prepared to take over for the graduating seniors, and we couldn’t wait to “rule the school.”

And now here we stand. Our rule is over, and it’s up to the next class to step into our shoes and take over. I know that as I look at all of you, I will measure my time here in a much different way. I will measure it in all the friendships I’ve enjoyed these last three years. Some were pretty casual and others were much closer, but I’ll remember each one fondly, as I’m sure you all will too. And when many of our high school memories begin to fade, that’s how we’ll ultimately measure the time we spent here, not in periods or semesters or years, but in the friendships that we made and the times we shared together.

I know that every single one of the students in my graduating class wants to be an inspiration to the whole world. We all wanna be someone right? Well, we may not have the power to inspire the entire world to strive for success, but we do have the power to try to achieve it for ourselves. My challenge to each of you, and to myself, is to do all that you can do to reach your full potential. If each of the students in this graduating class is able to do that, just imagine the effect that would have. The future is truly in our hands, so let’s make the most of it.

Congratulations my fellow graduates of the Class of 2019. Wherever we go and whatever we do, may we always be friends when we meet again.

This is Alexandrea Sams, Class of 2019, Signing Out!