My one and only year at MCS

Addison, Audrey, Garrett, and TC show off their medals at the Physics Olympics.

Heather Winkler

Addison, Audrey, Garrett, and TC show off their medals at the Physics Olympics.

Garrett Jones, Contributor

The 2018 – 2019 school year was not only my first year at Mansfield Christian, but it was also my last year here. I came from a very similar private school, just on a much smaller scale. There were many reasons as to why I switched schools when I was on my way out the door anyway, but the advantages outweighed the cost in my eyes.

I got many opportunities to meet new people, and make new friends that I never would have thought of. It was weird, being the first time in my life where I’m meeting all new people and leaving behind everyone I’ve known since preschool, all new teachers, a new area, and new everything. Even though it started out as a struggle, I got through it, and I feel like it has better prepared me for doing all of it over again when fall comes around, and college starts.

Over my year at Mansfield Christian, I have had the opportunity to branch out more, and try new things, and take new risks. I went outside of my comfort zone and tried baseball. I’m not saying I was any good at baseball, but I played, and I enjoyed getting close with many of my fellow teammates.

If I could give any words of advice, I would say to keep your head up and do not let anyone or anything hold you back. When you move on to new places, you are never gonna think back to them ever again. I wish I had learned not to care what others thought about me.  It would have made getting through high school easier.

Also, you should only surround yourself with the people who want what’s best for you. If you go through high school with people because they are cool, or are popular, it will never work out, and you will always be left disappointed. Your real friends are going to be the ones who will sacrifice a part of themselves for your betterment.