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Caleb Hignite

Senior Caleb Hignite with his prized possession.

Caleb Hignite, Contributor

At the time of writing this article I only have four days of high school left. These last 6 years at MCS have literally flown by while still being so rigorously slow at the same time. I’m one to think a lot. In my free time, I just think and ponder and wonder, and when I’m surrounded by others I love to observe. This being said, I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want people to get when they talk to me.

I live my life with one constant goal. I do not want to waste a second. This is not a high school speech nor a speech on how fast these years have flown by. The one thing that leads most of my life is a simple idea; living in the present, with the future on my mind. This is not an easy way of life for me though, and it won’t be for you either. I act mostly on impulse, and while it usually works out, it is definitely not the smartest way to live. God does a lot of correcting and putting me back in my place. I am fiercely independent and have problems letting people in or relying on others at all.

I have been a worship leader for 5-6 years now and if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s to let God move. This is an incredible attribute of God as well. He can take what we could screw up and what we use for the most worthless purposes and make something beautiful out of it. He can make our lack of vision work for His kingdom. God works in the every day to day relational level just as much as He does the global one. God uses my often struggled attempt to be future-oriented and makes it work towards eternity.

The final thing that drives me each and every day is people like you. I do not care who is reading this, the truth is universal. You are loved, you are beautiful, and you are worth fighting for. You have no control over whether others tell you different but you do control whether you believe them or not. God Bless.

Sincerely, Caleb 🙂