John Ballenger at MCS


Samantha Smith

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John Ballenger, Contributor

In my freshmen year, I transferred from Lexington. I was new to MCS. Switching schools can be scary, but you need to think of the long term results.

MCS accepted me into their school. Being at MCS is a lot different than being at Lexington. MCS has been much more accepting of me, and you do not feel the pressure to have to try to fit in. I really like my classmates; I would not want to be in a different class.

After moving to MCS I played soccer my freshman year. I was not very good freshman year. Soccer was fun and doing a sport was a good way to get accepted in the new school. Freshman year seems so far away. It feels like it has been ten years since my freshman year.

Sophomore year, my twin brother followed me to my school. Having a twin has its ups and downs, but a lot more downs than anything else. Sophomore year still felt like a warmup. I had the chance to get my license just a month into my sophomore year. I could not get my license because I had two broken arms.

Having two broken arms was probably the hardest part about sophomore year. Other than that sophomore year, school was pretty easy. I kept myself out of trouble and did well.

Junior year was a mess. I as wild junior, I got in trouble often.  For the most part, I had good grades. Junior was definitely the hardest of them all; it is the turning point in your life.

Senior year was the year I straightened up my act. I have to get set for life and figure out my future. My advice to future seniors is that senior year is not the time to be messing around and getting into trouble. Just keep pushing to complete your tasks, and it will go quicker than you think.