Colton Reas

Colton Reas sitting in home room for the final week of school.

Colton Reas, Contributor

For the final article of my high school career at Mansfield Christian School, I want to describe the story of why I chose to come here for my senior year of school.

First, one of the reasons that my family and I moved to Mansfield was due to the simple fact that as my grandparents were getting older they were going to need more and more help. The last property that was owned by my family and grandparents combined equaled around 10 square acres of just mow-able land. That is a lot of land to try and have to maintain when it just two people. It became quite a struggle to be able to mow both properties in a single day, this was why we wanted a smaller yard so that it can be easier to manage.

Second, between the two houses as my grandparents got older, it became harder and harder to keep up with the cleaning of the house. Every week my grandparents had to struggle and fight with the cleaning of the house and how best to do it, and with both of them gaining in years, the struggle became a bit too much for them and my mother who had to try and clean her own massive house.

Third, as my grandparents were getting older, it was evident there health was decreasing as they were aging. Both of my grandparents have diabetes and my grandpa has had cancer three times and now has it a fourth time. With diabetes and cancer, both have a number of medical issues that need attention and help.

Fourth, the last school I attended was switching their curriculum to all online education. With some luck the year before leaving, a few other students and I were on this curriculum for one subject and was failing. With luck, my parents saw how bad I was struggling and moved me to a new school, Mansfield Christian School.