Prepared for Adulthood

Adam Vealey with his skateboard.

Adam Vealey

Adam Vealey with his skateboard.

My time at Mansfield Christian has been a wild ride. I’ve been inside these concrete walls all the way from second grade until now, and it’s finally time to leave these confines. The time I have spent here has had its ups and downs, but overall it has been a fantastic experience.

The school to me has grown to be more than just a building or classes or teachers. MCS, for me, is the people I’ve grown close to and would consider family. The bonds Mansfield Christian has allowed me to build over the years will last me a lifetime. This place has allowed me to interact with and get to know so many different kinds of people, ones that clicked right away, and others I would never have expected to find common ground with.

These people have helped me get through tough times and have created great memories. They have helped me to grow into the person I am today, and that’s why I feel as though I can consider them family. The atmosphere MCS creates with small classes has allowed me to be close with so many people and really let me have an impact on other people’s lives as they have on mine. That being said, it is not just my class but also those older and younger than me who I have had the privilege of growing up with.

Thankfully, my class has stuck by each other through it all. We have been a shoulder to lean on for each other from elementary all the way through the life-altering decisions we are forced to make as seniors. Many people have come and gone through our class from all different backgrounds and lifestyles, and I believe that’s what makes our class special.

There is no group of people I would’ve rather spent seven hours a day, five days a week with. My relationships with the community in this school are something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I have been completely blessed to spend my years of school with these people, and they have really prepared me to take the next step of life. I am forever grateful.