Advice for High Schoolers

What you need to know for high school.

Advice for future students.

Nichole Badamy

Advice for future students.

Nichole Badamy, Editor and Graphic Designer

When you go into your high school years you want to make sure you start out strong and not procrastinate on anything. You want to get everything done as soon as you are told about it so you don’t get in a bind when you have a bunch of work all due at once. There will be times where you will not want to do a project, but it is better to do it right when it is first assigned rather than wait last minute. Take advantage of the time in class when you do not have anything in that class and work on homework for other classes so you do not have to be miserable and stay up late at night. Also, sign up for all the classes you can in the earlier years of high school, because when you become a senior, it is harder to stay focused on classes because of senioritis, but you will learn about that soon enough.

Then comes the part of high school that everyone hears about: drama. The best thing to do is not spread anything about anyone, especially if it is intended to hurt someone. Spreading a rumor about someone can really affect someone even if they do not show it on the outside.

TRY to avoid drama at all cost, you will find that it is better for you and your friendships. Do not let small things come between you and your friends. In high school, it is best to have good friendships so when you start to have a rough time you have a support system. They can relate to some of the stress and things you are going through. When life gets rough, just keep your head up and talk to your friends. Good friends will be there for you one hundred percent.

If you are struggling in a class do not be afraid to ask a teacher for help. If you get really sick or something happens like a death in the family talk to your teachers and be honest about what is going on in your life and they will try and work with you on how to make things manageable for you.

My personal advice for you is to take one step at a time and know what you know and let the rest go. For example lets say for a test, you should not stress over it (easier said than done). You should go in and do the best you can. What you miss you have to let go and move forward.  You can not change what the grade is, so move on and try to get a better grade the next time.