My time at MCS has come to an end


Garrett Jones

Mitchell Ballenger in the pool for swimming for MCS.

Mitchell Ballenger, Contributor

My name is Mitchell Ballenger, a current MCS senior, who is almost graduated. I am the class president of this year’s senior class. I am also a member of the Mansfield Christian High School soccer, track, and swim team. Senior year has flown by and the first day of school feels like it was just yesterday.

My first day at MCS started in 10th grade. It was hard to start at a new school. I knew some of the students through soccer or church, but a lot of them I met three years ago. That is crazy to write because it feels like I have known them my entire life. After a month or so I knew everyone in my grade, and I could call them friends. I got to know a many of them very well through the different sports that I participated in such as soccer and swimming. I am excited to see how the swim and soccer team turn out next year.

Sports at Mansfield Christian are a great way to get involved in the awesome and loving community of  MCS. It will be hard next year when I am at college because none of my classmates will be in class with me.

MCS is a very small school and that is my favorite thing about the school. Some people may not like that about Mansfield Christian, but I love that part of it because you can be so close to everyone in the school. It makes you feel so good, because everyone feels like your family, and it is such a warm and welcoming environment. That is why I think you should join as many extracurricular activities as possible in high school so you can get to know as many people as possible and grow in your relationships with everyone including God.