Colton Reas

School clock that represents the time of the fires that occurred.

Colton Reas, News

On April 15, in the city of Paris, the great and grand Notre Dame Cathedral was damaged by fire, losing the iconic spire that once reached up to the heavens. At the same time, the famed Dome of the Rock had caught fire as well.

Firefighters fought to tame the flames during the night, trying to save this iconic part of French history. Many people are feeling the pain and heartache of seeing the smoldering embers of this beautiful cathedral. Many companies and corporations are pouring some of their money into rebuilding and the restoration of this famous building. Much of the building was on fire, with luck most if not all of the artifacts and paintings were saved from this massive fire. One of the few decorations that survived this fire was across standing at the front of the cathedral. Many are now in mourning over this tragic and fatal fire that has ravaged this beautiful, historic cathedral inside the famed city of love.

During this tragic and heartbreaking fire happening inside the city of Paris, at the exact same moment, a fire was started and quickly extinguished inside the famous Dome of the Rock in Israel. Once again there has been no sign of foul play. The fire was confined and neutralized very quickly and not very much damage was don’t to the place of worship.

There are many who say that this is just some strange accident in an interview, Maci Sutter said it was “quite a coincidence.” Many think that that is all that it is just some strange and unrelated mistake. Many others think that it was some kind of terrorist attack that the government is trying to hide from its people. Many others think that it is a sign to point to the end times.