He is Risen!!!! Let Us Rise with Him



What once was a symbol of death now give life and hope.

Christopher Barberly, Contributor

Nearly 2,000 years ago Christ rose from the dead and gave us an opportunity for eternal life. Over the span of His thirty-three years on this earth, He knew that the ultimate end was His death, but he knew that He would rise again three days later and conquer sin and the grave. Jesus’ entire life was preparation for His death. His death was the most important event in all of human history. His death was for you.

His death was to give you life. He died that you might live and resurrected that you might live forever. When Christ died we died with him and when he rose we rose with him. He has given us a new life. A life that is not our own. We must die daily for Christ so that we can live forever with Him.

We were given a new life from Christ but what we need to ask is: what will we do with that new life? God gave us a second, third, one-hundredth chance and we need to use that for Him and not for ourselves. Our lives are not our own, but rather the life Jesus gave us. We need to live every day with that knowledge.

Use what Jesus gave you. The life you live now is not your own. Every day we as Christians need to sacrifice ourselves to Christ because of his sacrifice for us. Christ didn’t die just so you could feel warm fuzzies, and he certainly didn’t die for a chocolate egg day. Christ died so that you could live and live fully. He died so you could share His good news.

Life and death are in the hands of the father. but through his amazing grace and undying love, He gave us a life we never deserved.

Thank God!