God’s Hand Across the Globe

The 2019 Dominican Republic Missions Trip


Richard Acosta

The 2019 Dominican Republic Team.

Mansfield Christian School took a missions trip to the Dominican Republic this year over spring break. This trip has happened three times; once in the 80s, in 2017, and 2019. Dr. Smith, the Superintendent, was in the first class to attend the trip in the 1980s. The Superintendent, at the time, already went to the Dominican Republic and wanted Mansfield Christian School to go too.

Senior Julia Wilson has attended the Dominican Republic trip twice. From the past two trips, she said, “One of my favorite things we did on the second trip was, at night we would share our highs, lows, and God moments from that day. Through that process, I learned just about who people were, what their character was, and the different ways how they saw God moving. I’m glad I had the opportunity to go back to the DR because I had already formed relationships with the people there already from the first trip. Overall, I encourage people to take that step to go on the trip!”

Bible teacher, Shawn Easterling, went on the trip this year and he began, “We were able to accomplish a lot helping with the school buildings, some teacher training, and lead a VBS Bible School for the children there. The group was also able to participate with the worship and church services there.” He continued, “I thought it was amazing how grateful everyone was for everything. The fact they had a lack for a lot of things, they still had great joy in everything they did. I’m really thankful I got to be a part of this trip this year and I can’t wait to go back in the future.”

Mansfield Christian School is proud of the students and staff who have gone on these trips. They make such an impact on not only on the people who they help there but also on their own lives and relationship with God.