Shazam! (Spoiler-Free)


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Shazam(Captain Marvel) and Freddy sharing a root beer.

Caleb Hignite, Contributor

Shazam is the second film in the Post-Justice League DC Cinematic Universe and in the same vein as its predecessor, Aquaman, Shazam is heartfelt, funny, and an overall lighthearted joy to watch.

Most of the success of this movie is in great thanks to the title character, Shazam, played by Zachary Levi. He brings a charisma and a childlike quality that not only makes him lovable and fun to watch but incredibly fitting for the role of Billy Batson’s alter ego. His comedic chops are on full display and he absolutely leaves it all out in this performance.

The center of Billy’s story is the heart and the importance of family. This is not an action blockbuster or an everyday superhero flick. Shazam made the story feel small and contained, heartfelt, relatable and warm in a way that many DC movies have failed at for quite some time. When the action is ramped up, however, it can often feel underwhelming and dull. The comedy and tenderness of the writing and story though far outweigh any slights in lack of well-plodded action and make it easy to look over.

The supporting cast is often one of the most entertaining parts to a scene with Freddy Freeman, played by Jack Dylan Grazer, being a particular scene stealer. The family feels raw and real and the dynamic is all the better for it. The villain dynamic is a tough one to nail down, however. Dr. Sivanna, portrayed by Mark Strong, is the main threat to Shazam, accompanied by the Seven Deadly Sins who do their part of being creepy and powerful due in part to incredibly designs and wonderful CGI. Mark Strong’s villain starts strong but does seem to lose his flair as the movie goes on though.

Overall, the DC Cinematic Universe has taken a dramatic shift in the past couple years and Shazam is proof that maybe that is not such a bad thing. Audiences stayed laughing, stayed engaged, and stayed invested and that is more than many fans have done for many previous installments in the franchise. With an incredibly charming lead, great comedy, and a story more character driven than action, no wonder Shazam is shocking audiences around the world!


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Yes, there is a mid-credits and end-credits scene.