Better Together


Samantha Smith

Mrs. Hogue, Tristan, and Amarr in the Art Room.

We interviewed Mrs. Hogue, Tristan, and Amarr who were at Malabar Intermediate School last year and we asked them about the differences between the two schools. Malabar Intermediate School is part of Mansfield City Schools.

Tristan Johnson, who is now a seventh-grader at MCS but was a sixth grader last year at Malabar, we asked him how he liked MCS compared to Malabar and he said, “I enjoy MCS way more because it gives me the challenge to try my hardest. There is a certain standard here compared to other public schools.”

We also asked him about how his friends and sports, “You can see that it is a Christian attitude. Most of my friends were not Christian at Malabar and now I am surrounded by Christian friends, coaches, and also teachers whether it be at school, sports or even at my friends’ houses.” He also said,” It was much easier to get A’s and B’s at Malabar because there are much easier standards compared to Mansfield Christian where the standard is a lot harder and everyone expects more from you.”

We interviewed Mrs. Hogue who taught at Malabar last year and taught Tristan and Amarr. She is now the junior high and high school art teacher at MCS. We asked her if she liked teaching here or at Malabar better. Mrs. Hogue replies, “I like teaching at MCS so much more because of the relationships with my other staff members and also my relationships with my students. I took a substantial pay cut to be here and teach but it was definitely worth it and would not change my decision.”

We asked her how Amarr and Tristan who she taught last year at Malabar and now have them in class for art, she said, “They have calmed down and become more focused on school. They also have seemed to have better attitudes toward others and seem much happier.”

The family of MCS has been positively impacted by each of these individuals becoming part of MCS.

Welcome to the family!