Junior High Lady Flames Basketball Wins State!

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Garrett Jones, Contributor

The Junior High Lady Flames basketball team finished up their season last week with the title “Ohio Christian School Athletics Association Champions.” Last Friday the Lady Flames faced off against Calvary Christian school. After a well-fought game on both sides, the Lady Flames pulled ahead and won the game 28-20.

Coach Kirsten Stafford had this to say in a recent interview, “All these girls have shown what the true meaning of teamwork is, there is not a selfish girl on this team, our girls have put in so much time into this team to make it what it has become. This includes Sunday practices even when it was optional. We could not be more proud of them.”

This is Coach Stafford’s first year coaching at Mansfield Christian and has really led the team well this season. The girls on the team have also had a chance to grow together as the season went on. As well as Coach Stafford being new to the school this year, she also had some players who were new this year. One of these girls is player Noelle Beare. This has been Noelle’s first season with the girls on her team, as well as it being her first season in the sport. Being a part of the team has really let her grow close with the girls on the team, and decided to give us a little insight on what it means to be a team, “Because of our friendship on and off the court, we could work together easily like a well-oiled machine.

The championships were just one last test on how we responded to each other on and off the court every day, so it is not much about friendship as it is about family,” stated Noelle Beare. Noelle is excited to move up to high school sports next year, and see what new relationships she can grow.