The Finer Points of Macaroni and Cheese



An original dish of shells and cheese macaroni waiting to be devoured.

Everybody has a favorite food, right? Well mac ‘n’ cheese is a worldwide favorite. But it’s not just one kind and not just two kinds, but hundreds of different kinds of macaroni and cheese!

Mac ‘n’ cheese is a huge product in stores all over America and there are many different brands, flavors, and even noodle styles! Annies, Kraft, Velveeta, and Horizon are just some of the top mac ‘n’ cheese brands you can find in stores. Kraft is the leading brand of mac ‘n’ cheese, selling about a million boxes of it every day. Over the past four years, studies have shown that mac ‘n’ cheese sales have risen about 25% to a startling sum of 802 million dollars. Their all-time best selling shape besides the traditional elbow noodles is the Spongebob Squarepants themed noodles. Kids eat an average of 10 pounds of mac ‘n’ cheese yearly. That’s a lot of mac ‘n’ cheese! But that’s just a general average. Imagine how much mac ‘n’ cheese is consumed by people that really like it!

Macaroni and cheese can come in a variety of flavors including Cheddar, Sharp cheddar, White cheddar, Three cheese, Aged cheddar, an even a Parmesan flavor in certain brands. The list is continuous and that doesn’t even include all the different homemade recipes with different flavors and add-ins. There are various noodle types as well. They have the traditional elbow shape but they also have spirals, shells and character noodles for different cartoons. You can get so creative with this dish! The options are endless, from bacon bits to veggies to even seafood like crab and shrimp. You can boil it or bake it, have it steaming hot or have it cold. However, it would probably taste better warmed up. Macaroni and cheese is not just popular for that creamy flavor that everyone craves, because in addition to being super tasty it is also incredibly easy to throw together. Quick easy meals are a necessity for many people nowadays especially when it comes to being a mom and going to school. It is even a packed lunch favorite in the workplace!

Along with being amazingly tasty and convenient, there are also some interesting facts about this dish that most people do not even know. For example, macaroni and cheese is so popular that Crayola even made a crayon color named after it. So, you do not have to limit your love of this fantastic meal to just eating; now you can color with it too! But, crayon companies are not the only ones digging the cheesy trend; in terms of history, our 3rd US President Thomas Jefferson served macaroni and cheese at a State dinner in 1802. Talk about classy-casual! On a stranger note, in Hong Kong macaroni and cheese is traditionally a breakfast food cooked with mushrooms, peas, ham, eggs, and chicken stock. If we went to Hong Kong and decided to order mac ‘n’ cheese, it might just be a culture shock.

In conclusion mac ‘n’ cheese is one of the worlds most popular American dishes loved by thousands, including all the students at Mansfield Christian School. Because of the irresistible cheesy charms given off by this delectable grub, I do not think that it will become outdated anytime soon. It’s easy to make at school or work, convenient for moms in a hurry, and yummy for all who taste its savory goodness. Long live Mac ‘n’ cheese!