Take Me out to the Ballgame


Samantha Smith

Audrey is "taking Sammi out to the ballgame."

The first official date for baseball and softball to start official practice was this Monday, February 18th. Both the softball and the baseball team are more determined than ever this year. With the number of seniors on each team, they want to give it their all this year because of it’s their last chance to play.

The baseball coach is Scott Carrier, also known as Scooter. The baseball team has eleven seniors this year, but then has only two underclassmen on the team to make a total of thirteen on the team. This is a big surprise since they lost six seniors from the team last year. They go into the season with an optimistic outlook as they had a winless record last year and as well as the year before. The team is excited for the chance to prove themselves this year because for most of them it is their last chance.

The softball team is coached by, Mansfield Christian math teacher, Kelly Taylor. There are eight seniors on the team this year and that’s almost enough for a whole field. Last year, they lost a total of four seniors which is not a huge impact on the team. However, next year it’s gonna make a huge impact on the softball program because there are so many girls leaving.

Sophomore Krysti Smith’s opinion on the softball team is, “First off, I think it’s a privilege to play on a varsity team again this year and play with my sister, Sammi Smith, one last year. I think this year is gonna be different from last year because we have a lot of new players this year. It’s crazy with the number of seniors we have this year because it’s gonna affect the program next year. I love how Coach Taylor does a devotion every Saturday, so we can grow closer not only as a team but most importantly grow closer to God.”

Come support our teams on the field this year!