Alita: Battle Angel Student Review


20th Century Fox

The main character in action.

Elisha Jesse, Contributor

Alita: Battle Angel was produced by James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez, and Jon Landau and directed by Robert Rodriguez. The movie premiered on February 14th in theaters. Alita was a heavily marketed project.

The main aspects they wanted to push to audiences were the 3D effects and the thrilling visual aspects of the movie. The movie, in general, was very confusing, and there was hardly any background to everything previous in the time period. Later on in the movie, they give little pieces of the past, but there was still the mystery of what actually happened, often making the world feel convoluted.

Alita, as a character, was well made. Rosa Salazar portrayed incredible emotion with help of motion capture and even acted more human than most normal people. The look of her, some might say, was very off-putting. She had very large eyes and on screen, she looked obviously more animated than most other characters. She was almost a little too perfect.

Most of the effects, however, were good and well executed. There were still some parts in the movie where you can see they didn’t put as much effort into the effects as they should’ve. Alita, even in some scenes, stood out of place as if she did not belong with the rest of the CGI.

Overall, the movie had a good story, leading with a broken and confused cyborg turned secret warrior. The movie ends with an enormous cliffhanger that hints to a sequel where we hope to get the rest of the details to the past.