Dear Disney: An Open Letter to the Monarch of Modern Entertainment

Black and white photo of Walt Disney in 1946.

Wikimedia Commons

Black and white photo of Walt Disney in 1946.

Christopher Barbely, Contributor

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Dear Walt Disney,

Did you know the magnitude to which your empire of entertainment would reach? That you would determine what a generation of people would be like? That your products would reach the entire world and be an equalizer of cultures around the world? You started an empire that no one man could maintain, and it got out of control. You not only started your own franchises but also bought several that were a part of countless children’s childhood.

When you started it, it was simple enough. Make animated shorts with sound but it just kept growing. Soon you made full-length animated movies and changed the entertainment business forever and it kept growing from there. Then you became a household staple and then you became a well-known name worldwide. Not long after you would be buying other staples such as Marvel, Lucasfilm (Star Wars), and Pixar. You would be a voice of not just one generation but of several, and you have no signs of stopping. Like it or not, you are determining the mindset of entire cultures and that is a tremendous load for one man to handle.

The morals and views you put in your movies may be the only moral lessons that a child may be given in a home environment. Now you can’t give the perfect view of life for any age in any situation ,but you have to understand that what you say has a major influence on the viewers. Good intentions or not, your empire of entertainment has grown beyond yourself to the point of no return. Not all of it, however, is morally beneficial to society. Too many people are too willing to be told what to think, and you are what they look towards. You are mainstreaming ideologies that too many people will believe without educating themselves on what they really are.

I wish I could know your thoughts.

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Christopher Barbely, Contributor

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Dear Disney: An Open Letter to the Monarch of Modern Entertainment