The Cyberbully: Yellow Jello


Samantha Smith

Photo of John Ballenger's phone displaying the Instagram Profile.

Recently in social media, there has been an Instagram account verbally and emotionally attacking the student body. The yellow jello squad is an Instagram account of cyber bullies that will single out a person and make fun of them publicly on social media. The yellow jello squad is very hurtful. They do it just for the views and likes. The yellow jello squad will do whatever they can to kill anyone’s self-confidence.

There are many students with accounts on Instagram, but even if students do not have an Instagram, word will still get around. Social media is convenient,  popular, and enjoyable 90% of the time. With all of these mean accounts and finstas, however, it is just another tool to use to hurt people. The yellow jello squad is sick and twisted and nobody really knows who runs the account. If the yellow jello squad was not insecure and afraid they would let people know who is behind the account. The yellow jello squad hides behind a screen at home.  The yellow jello squad should not get attention because they are fake on the inside. They should be classified as a cyberbully with all of the things they post.

MCS has done what it can to stop social media in school. They have blocked almost all major social media on the WIFI. MCS can only do so much though. They cannot stop us from saying bad things on social media. If people really want to cyberbully we all have the resources to do this. This is on the students to be, at the very least, a decent human being and a good classmate. The yellow jello squad can do what they want but, in the end, they will realize they made the wrong decision and this will hurt them in the long run.