Calling a Snow Day… Yes? No?


Wikimedia Commons

Snow covered forest.

Colton Reas and John Ballenger

In the year 2014, the state of Ohio decided to change some of the policies regarding snow days. One of the most significant  changes was the switch from having a certain amount of days to a certain amount of required school hours for kindergarten to twelfth grade.  Many schools over schedule hours so in the case of emergency, they will not have to extend the school year.

In an interview with our secondary principal, Mr. Klotzbach, he described a few parameters for the superintendent to call a snow day at MCS. The first condition was the number of previously used inclement weather days. Principal Klotzbach answered that the amount of possible days is approximately 15. The second condition is where the seriousness of the weather actually comes into play. Principal Klotzbach stated that the roads had to be completely unsafe to drive on, three out of the four surrounding schools have to close, and the weather must be too cold for kids to walk.

The logical next question was which schools had to close for us to get a snow day? In response he said that Madison, Ontario, Mansfield City, and Lexington were the four schools that help determine the closing of MCS.