Destroying Schools Worldwide


Juul e-Cigarette and Juul pods.

John Ballenger, Contributor

Juul is becoming an epidemic. Juuls are little portable vapes that contain high levels of nicotine in each little pod that goes in them. Juuls are easy to obtain even if you are not eighteen. Juul’s flavors are very appealing to the youth. More than 1/5 of high school students have “Juuled” or seen someone “Juul” in school.

These Juuls are taking over our schools. They are a temptation that is in our faces every day and school is not a place for this.

The FDA is taking action and they are helping to shut Juuls down. The FDA is considering banning all of the fruit flavors that might be appealing to the youth. It is not always up to the government to regulate behavior. The students in the schools also have a responsibility to stop Juul.