Visiting Educators tour Mansfield Christian


Samantha Smith

Dr. Smith with the Emmanuel Christian Academy Staff.

Mitchell Ballenger and Samantha Smith

On Monday, November 19, teachers, staff, and faculty from Emmanuel Christian Academy in Akron, Ohio, came and toured our school. They were here to learn more about becoming accredited through ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). Their main purpose was to learn about the structure and administration of our school. ECA is a relatively new school and are trying to get a perspective on how to give their students a quality Christian education.  Dr. Smith shared Mansfield Christian’s Discipleship Plan with ECA’s teachers and administrators.

Emmanuel Christian is a school that teaches infants through eighth grade. They said that the biggest difference between our two schools is that we teach high school as well as elementary and middle school.  Another big difference between our schools is the location of our schools and the population of students.  Their school is located in Akron, Ohio and serves “students who historically have been defined at risk and those under-served in traditional systems of education” (ECA Website).

School values play a major role in the way schools plan to teach their students. Jasina Chapman, registrar of ECA said, “One of our school values is to be educators in the spirit of excellence.” Later, we asked MCS Principal Klotzbach what one of MCS’s school values is he said, “Partnering with families is a major core value.”

Mansfield Christian is the longest ACSI accredited school in this region of ACSI.  Administrators and teachers are blessed to be able to provide support to other Christian schools.