Stopping Infanticide in America



Child in the Womb

Alexandrea Sams, Contributor

Infanticide is the act of killing a child within a year of birth, and one of its biggest forms is abortion. This has become a problem all over America because many young women are deciding to give up their babies after finding that they are pregnant.

There are various reasons given for these abortions including, financial situations, rape, health risks and sadly just not wanting a child. I believe that fear plays a large factor in this choice, especially in young teenage girls.  Teens may choose to have an abortion because they are concerned about a pregnancy derailing any goals they might have, for example, completing their education.

In addition, worry about the financial portion as well as the great responsibility that comes with parenthood. These are only the more reasonable reasons they may give for abortion. The darker side of it may be the possibility that they were raped. Their boyfriend/husband may walk out and they don’t know how to deal with the emotional struggle, much less a child on their own.

Even if the male figure does not walk out he may not want the child and will then pressure or even force the mother to have an abortion. The family can also pressure the mother depending on their views of the pregnancy. These all seem like good reasons to have an abortion and to some people, these easily justify this. But regardless of the apparent justification for their action, the truth is very dark.

These are not reasons, they are excuses. Some of them deserve a significant amount of sympathy no doubt, but you cannot run from a consequence that came with a decision you made all on your own. If a person decides to willingly engage in adult pre-marital activities then they are saying that they understand what goes into that decision. They are making a choice, knowing all the risks and possible outcomes that go with it.

If you make a mistake, you must be accountable for your actions. Our society has been desensitized to these truths. People refuse to even bring up certain topics because they’re afraid to offend someone, but not discussing the issues only causes them to get worse! It is important for us to understand why this is so wrong. As Christians, it is especially important that we are knowledgeable about this and discussing it so we can help others and show them the right way to handle their fears and consequences of their mistakes.

The solution is simply to speak up. It is understandable to be frightened of how to make things work if you find yourself in the situation of an unplanned pregnancy, but an innocent unborn child should not have to pay the price for your actions. The baby is not the mistake, your actions were the mistake. You made poor choices, and when you make poor choices there will be consequences.

Life is a gift from God. No matter the circumstances it should always be treated as such. It is wrong to take the life of another human being who also possess a soul. It is not our place to decide whether or not another person gets to live or die. The baby that grows inside you is alive from the moment of conception, even if it is not completely formed, it is made from living cells and starts to grow the same way you and I did.

Life is so precious, and we tend to forget that and stray from the path and become lost in our own ways. If you really still do not want the child after conceiving it and giving birth to it, then put it up for adoption because there are thousands of women who would give anything to be in your place and have the opportunity to be a mother but they are unable to. There are thousands of others that will love and treasure the life of that child. They deserve life, and should not be forced to suffer the consequences that come from our actions.

The fetus is just as alive as the two people that helped create it and it deserves the opportunity to live and experience the feeling of a mother’s warm arms. We need to open our hearts to these innocent lives that are being taken from this world and speak up to defend them. Speak for the ones who do not yet have a voice, so that one day they can have one.

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