Overcoming your Mission Trip Fears

Why You Should Go on the Mansfield Christian Dominican Republic Missions Trip

Sammi Smith and Mitch Ballenger

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The Dominican Republic Missions Trip would be an amazing trip. Unlike so many missions trips, the people such as the workers at the school you work with have jobs, go to school, and keep in contact with you. This helps build relationships that last forever unlike other mission trips. Senior Julia Wilson said, “The relationships you make are really life-changing.” You are making a difference in their life and your life as well.

Many wonder about the cost and what to wear. The cost of the trip is about $1,500. If money is an issue, there are many fundraisers planned that you can do. Julia Wilson suggested, “There’s a lot of people in your life that WILL help you go on the trip if you’re actually serious about it.”

Some of the things you should take to wear on the trip would be athletic shorts and a simple t-shirt with some tennis shoes that you’re willing to get dirty. Wearing something that you do not mind getting dirty is best because you are going on a working missions trip. You are not there to look nice, you are there to help those in need and share God’s Word.

One of Julia’s favorite parts of the trip was the food: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (You can bring your own snacks to eat if you are hungry in between meals.) The breakfast is usually some sort of breakfast cake. Lunch and dinner is some type of meat, usually chicken, and then some rice and vegetables. One day in the week you go to the beach with all of those on the trip as well as some of the local citizens. At that function, you eat pizza and have fun.

So, if you are undecided we encourage you to prayerfully consider going.  The trip is a great outreach to teach people about God and have fun doing it.

Further questions?  Contact Charlene Eder in the high school office.



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