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Picture of Venom from the new Marvel movie.

Marvel Studios

Picture of Venom from the new Marvel movie.

Caleb Hignite, Contributor

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Venom is mostly a mess, suffering from pacing and tonal issues mixed with weak performances and no sense of a real threat, but it sure is fun!

Though Sony’s newest attempt at a larger Marvel universe often feels like a roughly updated script from the early 2000s, the action is fast and entertaining, never wasting a moment to showcase the title character, Venom’s, potential.

Much of the success relies on the performance of Tom Hardy as both Eddie Brock and Venom respectfully. Hardy obviously gives it his all, and it definitely shows. He is the most interesting and enjoyable part of the film, especially when taken over by the symbiotic suit, Venom. The Jekyll and Hyde relationship between the two makes for interesting dialogue and even more interesting action scenes.

Unfortunately, outside of Tom and his performance, most of the movie falls flat. Michelle Williams as the love interest seems to carry no chemistry with Hardy and often feels very scripted in every move. Riz Ahmed stars as the villain, and owner of the Life Foundation, Carlton Drake. Despite numerous chances, he never manages to come off intimidating or even slightly unsettling. His motives and end goal also seem largely inconsistent and confusing.

However, with the unexpected humor, the most comic accurate live-action Venom to date, and the powerhouse lead, Venom still manages to pull off a feeling of fulfillment. The witty and comical banter between Venom and Eddie is always entertaining and the action is nonstop and exciting with some borderline  R-rated scenes that will make you forget about the movie’s flaws.

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