Beautiful blue mountain view with a person freely reaching out with open arms (SOFCOR Pixabay)
Beautiful blue mountain view with a person freely reaching out with open arms

SOFCOR Pixabay

Open Arms??

October 14, 2018

Is the church really reaching out to our society? Tension, regarding the church, has been on a constant rise in society as of late. Some people are straying away from the church and some are even turning their back on religious practices altogether. Some of these people may believe in God or believe that there is some God, but many do not pursue Him.

Parents, teachers and even pastors, as well as the church attendees themselves, blame this on separation of the church from the culture. They say it is because of the music and film influence on today’s society. Others attribute it to drug use and the sin that overwhelms us and leads us into temptation. While all of these are certainly factors and have negative effects on the kids and adults, there is actually a larger reason for this abandonment of the church in most cases.

As a teenager or young adult, there are many trials involved with finding yourself. You want to find your place in society and where you are in the status quo. Essentially, how do other people view you and which group do you most relate to and belong in? You are either popular or not popular and some people will like you and others will not.

These particular factors that are used to “rate” someone are quite ridiculous! Kids and adults can be extremely hurtful and the full extent of this is rarely realized. And the Church is supposed to be the place where the judgments drop and you can be loved in your brokenness. The church is supposed to be the place you can go when you have no where else to go, but instead, sometimes it feels just as overwhelming as being with a group of bullies.

When you need to talk to someone or pray, you go to church! Church is important because you learn more about God everyday and learn about his miracles and gifts for us. Instead, the church is sometimes just as harsh as the society we live in. The problem is that we have become okay with accepting the love of Christ, but we are no longer giving it out. This goes for all Christians not just the church itself! We need to start loving others the way Jesus loves us, despite the way that someone may look or talk.

Let the past stay in the past and get to know the person sitting beside you in the pew so you can empathize with their pain. We are supposed to gently reach out to help, not slap the hands of the needy away. If we reach out with open arms in love like we are called to then God will bless us. So make a decision today to open your arms to someone who needs the love of Christ in their life.


2 Responses to “Open Arms??”

  1. Nancy Ebinger on October 23rd, 2018 8:21 pm

    Good article. True in many churches, but not all. Still, love is the most important factor. Without showing the love of God, being a light as Jesus says we are, why would anyone want Him. People need Jesus. They need to know He loves them, unconditionally. Just as they are. But when we add “conditions” we end up pushing away the very ones He wants to embrace. The very ones He died for.

  2. Charleen Moots on October 24th, 2018 7:13 am

    I love this article! It’s true that more Christians need to step up and be the conduit between God and man.

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