The Dangers of the Elderly Behind the Wheel


Kyleah Steensland

15 year old Jace Craner

John Ballenger, Contributor

On October 1st at 2:30 pm,  Jace Craner a student driver with his permit was driving to the school from the orthodontist appointment with his mom in the front seat. He was about twenty yards from making it safely to the school parking lot.

At this point eighty-year-old, Janet Davidson pulled out in front of Jace and t-boned Jace’s car. Jace looked over at his mom and paused for a second then eventually said, “She is mental.” His mom got out of the car and took care of all the legal work.

Nobody was hurt and all the cars were repairable. Some residents in the neighborhoods around MCS became upset with the students driving through the roads. Some residents think it is unsafe with a large number of inexperienced student drivers in the area. However, the elderly people in the neighborhoods need to remember that dangerous driving is a two-way street, and that just because we are kids does not mean that we are bad at driving.