Hurricane Florence

A picture from space of Hurricane Florence.

United States Department of Deffence

A picture from space of Hurricane Florence.

Caleb Hignite, News

Evacuations are soon to take place as citizens of the Carolinas prepare for what is being called “the storm of a lifetime”, Hurricane Florence. The storm is currently placed as a category 2 out of 5 with winds upwards of 115 mph.

State Officials have prompted mass evacuations largely consisting of coastal areas. While some residents choose to stay and prepare from home or shelters, State Administrators urge the people to not “play with” the deadly storm. Some Administrators state that those who stay behind will be left to their own devices until conditions are favorable.

President Trump is assuring many that aid is ready and on standby for those who need it.
Many people, however, who are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey believe this is too much to take.

As information comes in and the storm progresses and new information is released our thoughts and prayers lie with all in the areas affected by Hurricane Florence. For as Philippians 4:7 reads “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”