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Audrey celebrates on the field.

Garrett Jones

Audrey celebrates on the field.

Lady Flames Captain Audrey Martin RETURNS

Captain of the Lady Flames soccer team Audrey Martin made a return to her team on the 6th of September at Loudonville. She had been sitting on the bench all season long due to an injury that occurred during softball last year. The injury happened as Audrey was enjoying a normal game of softball, when she got caught in between bases. She turned too hard and tore the Lisfranc Ligament in her foot. She had surgery in early June and had a Lisfranc tightrope put in her foot to hold it all together. Audrey, by necessity, will  have the tightrope in her foot for the rest of her life, which is possibly a hurdle in any future sports.

This year, Audrey finally got word that she would be playing in the game against Loudonville on the sixth. She was filled with excitement to finally be apart of the team again. “Being back has really boosted my spirits,” said Audrey in a recent interview. “Being a part of the team, and sitting on the side lines is one thing, but being out there with them, and experiencing the same things that they are really helps give the word team a new meaning.”

Audrey’s being back in the game was a big boost for everyone. Audrey was excited to get back in, even if it was just for a few minutes. She wanted to take it slow and see how it went. Audrey blew everyone away when she scored a goal just a few minutes in. Coach decided to keep her in to see how she would perform.  Against all odds, Audrey scored another goal. “I came into that first game back with the mindset of ‘Oh I’ll probably just play a few minutes just to see how it goes,'” said Audrey “I was never expecting to score a goal, and especially not two! My team has been there for me the entire time, encouraging me and helping me along, and I finally get to repay them by being able to contribute to the game and score a few goals for them” The MCS Lady Flames won the game 3-1.

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