Making Memories

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Making Memories

Becca Young, Contributor

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Recently I was going through pictures with my mom, looking for pictures from my high school years, when we came across her old scrapbook from high school. Watching my mom go through her scrapbook and hearing her share her stories of each picture she came across made me realize just how fast life passes by. I realized that someday, that might be me reminiscing about my high school days. It made me think, “What kind of stories will my pictures hold.”

Everyone always says that high school goes by fast, and right now I am realizing just how true that is. every year before senior year felt like it was going just as slow as the last. I felt like I was never going to make it to graduation, as I’m sure many of you feel. Now, I wish I had enjoyed all the small little things, but out of everything I do not regret getting involved with as much as I could.

High school gives so many opportunities to get involved, don’t be afraid to jump into a new experience! Sport teams are a great way to get involved, even if you do not think of yourself as athletic. Almost all of my memories from sports don’t even involve playing, most of them include spending time with the team. Even if you are not playing a sport, go to the games and support those who are.

With everything happening in high school, it is easy to just not want to do any of it. I want to encourage you though, to go to those soccer games, support your friends, go to proms and homecomings, participate in Chuck-in-Duck. Do as much as you can with the time that you have, because one of these days, you wont have any more opportunities to do them.

Doing all of these activities, it is easy to let your grades slip. Although I think it is important to be involved, grades also need to be a focus. There are multiple people out there who have accomplished both, being involved and keeping their grades up. Be smart with your time.

Overall, have fun. Make the most of your high school career. Have fun with friends, and get to know people outside of your friend group and grade. Fill your years with things that can not be forgotten, because someday you will look back and either smile at the memories, or wish you had created some.




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