Advice to Underclassmen


Lillie Berryman


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Tick tock goes the clock. Do you ever hear it stop?

Hello Underclassmen, my name is Luke Dilley, and I am a fellow student of the 2018 senior class. Nearing the end of my high school career here at Mansfield Christian school, I just wanted to give my friends, fellow peers and younger students some insight on high school and the long ride you have. As you are moving up the scale and shooting through the years, I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts about school. As well as encouragement as you all are starting your academic career that is going to build your future.

First, I wanted to start out by saying slow it all down, and enjoy the moment you are in. Time is flying. I know it may not completely seem like it at the moment, but in no time you will be in my position wondering where all the time has gone.

Second, enjoy the time you have with all of your friends and make lots of memories. Even make your learning enjoyable, though it may be hard.

Third, I encourage you to dig deep into your relationship God, build your faith and fully trust in God. Trust in His plan and let Him guide you, let Him change your heart. You all were given lots of gifts and talents. May you all use them to your full potential and for the glory of God.

Fourth, I want to encourage you all to reach for your dreams and never settle for consistency. You set your own destiny and your own future. Give everything you have to reach it and live your best life, because you deserve it.

Juniors soon to be seniors, I want to leave you with a few more tips. As you are making your transition, start your year strong and motivated. Never lose grasp of it because you need to finish strong and keep that mentality all year long. I also encourage you to ask all the questions you have to the teachers and whomever you’re close to. Your final year will fly by and you want to gain all the wisdom you can.

Lastly, be the best leaders you can be and lead with example. Be the best influence as possible. Even when you think that no one is watching, someone always is.

Finally, I just want to thank all of administration and staff for being a huge blessing in my life over the last five years when I first enrolled. I have had a very amazing experience here at MCS. I am thankful for my friends and teachers for helping me exceed my ability to learn and grow into a man of God.


Luke Dilley

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