Will I be Remembered?

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Will I be Remembered?

Heidi Smith, Editor

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Will I be remembered? What will I be remembered for? What mark have I made on this school and my peers? I find myself asking these questions and the only way I can think to answer them is by asking my peers and teachers. I want to know the kind of impact I have made on my peers and the teachers here at Mansfield Christian School.

I do not want to be remembered for my athletics, or how well I did in school. In the very end, those things do not matter to me. I want to be remembered for being a friend to those without, and for always being a gentle leader to my peers. I want to be the one who is remembered for my love for God and for other people.

I asked a few people who I am close to and who I do not know as well what they think I will be remembered for. Their responses are unedited.

Alissa Atkeson, one of my closest friends at MCS said, “You will be remembered for your ‘ray of sunshine’ personality, your consistent smile, and your laugh.”

Mrs. Taylor, a teacher and my softball coach at MCS said, “Hard work comes to mind when I think of you. You are the example of a hard worker, when you are given a task and you do not complain about it, you just do it, and you search out how to do things if  you do not know how to do things. You are determined to do your best, determination to do your best for your teachers, or yourself, but lately, I have seen you working for the Lord, rather than for earthly things. You have been faithful not only to God, but also, to Isaiah and your family and friends. Responsibility, is another trait of yours, you hold yourself up and you are your own accountability. You know God’s word well enough to hold yourself accountable. You know what the truth is and you do your best to live it. You do not boast in yourself at all in the things you excel at, I am proud of you for all of these things, and in you I see leadership by example.”

Mr. Porter, art teacher at MCS, “Heidi, you are honest and straightforward. You are artistically creative and talented. You have played every sport and are good at the majority of them. You are driven in all that you do, even more so than most people. You are a natural leader, you adapt well, enjoy challenges and are a good student. You enjoys being pushed to the best you can be.”

Befkadu, senior at MCS, “You are special, you will be remembered for being caring, like a mother figure.”

I have found that I will be remembered, but not in the way most people will think. I will be remembered by those I have encountered in my daily life here at MCS. I will not be remembered years down the road when I am gone, but I am glad that I have made an impact on the people around me in a positive way.


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