The Excitement of becoming a Senior

Emily Brunk and Becca Young

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Senior Year is full of excitement and fun. Along with that excitement and fun comes a lot of stress while planning your future. Senior year is something kids look forward to from 7th grade all the way to their last day of junior year. Here are some of the thoughts from next year’s seniors.

Mitch Ballenger is president of this junior class and is excited for fewer responsibilities. He is happy that he no longer has to plan a Homecoming or Prom because those can be rather stressful. Although he still has a few things to plan for, he is looking forward to planning a great senior trip for his class with memories that will last a life time. Mitch is also excited to be able to play one more year with the soccer team.

Alissa Atkenson is looking froward to preparing herself for college by taking more college classes next year. Alissa is well-liked by many of her teachers and has always worked hard to perfect her grades. As of now, Alissa is planning on attending Ohio State University. She is hoping to be able to enjoy extracurricular activities and more free time. Not only has Alissa excelled at academics but when it comes to running track, she is known for her quick speed.

Audrey Martin is excited for the freedom of being a senior. She is dreading picking the right college next year although she knows she wants to go into electrical engineering. This year in soccer Audrey will be a team captain and the starting forward. She is hoping to have a great year with her team mates, win or lose.


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