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Precious Lives

April 18, 2018

Book of Life


Book of Life

In an average U.S. city this year, 33 innocent children were slain. They thought they were in a safe place, and by any rational human’s belief, they were in a safe place. They did nothing wrong themselves. They were just doing what kids their age should be doing: growing, developing and maturing into what would have been adults with all of the freedoms and opportunities that living in the United States could give them. But that won’t happen now because they are dead.

The killer came without warning. To be sure, some knew it would happen eventually, but, like most of us, we never really thought violence would come to our city. Some saw the danger, but either kept it to themselves so as not to offend or convinced themselves that it wasn’t as bad as they thought. The ones who raised concerns were too small a voice to convince lawmakers to act.

The killer’s “tools” were horrific. While many thought that they served a benign or even helpful purpose, there was no mistaking what they really were. They had one function, to kill–to kill efficiently and quickly, and to kill as many victims as possible. There were no restrictions on these weapons, and the only thing that would stop them was the will of their handler or the absence of victims. In the aftermath, 33 broken, mutilated children, unable to defend themselves, lay silent. They were not classified as people; just another statistic.

These kids won’t graduate school, go to college, buy their first car, meet the love of their lives, pursue their dream job or even pursue their dreams at all. Eventually, they will be forgotten except by only those closest to them, and even then, only occasionally. Some will regret that more precautions weren’t taken, but their concerns will be dismissed by society as “not workable” or even “tyrannical” or “barbaric.” Organizations that handle millions and millions of dollars will argue these things are going to happen anyway and the current state of affairs keeps individuals more safe than to impose restrictions. Phrases like “people will ignore the laws just like people ignore speed limits,” and “you’re interfering with other’s constitutional rights” will be spewed out until people get sick of hearing them and just tune them out.

The big dollar organizations will act like patriots and will use, distort, and interpret the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings to suit their arguments. They will claim a controlling government wants to interfere in people’s lives and dictate to them what they can and cannot do. At the same time these organizations will make veiled threats and large money contributions to lawmakers in order to bend them to their will. Marches and angry protests on both sides will be cherry picked by a biased media and peoples’ concerns and anguish will be reduced to short sound bites to suit the political leanings of the media outlet. And while the country embroils itself in meaningless political arguments, the next killer will grab his tool of choice and go after his next victims. And 33 children will have died in vain, just like 33 children per year in any average city.

Another mass shooting? An argument about guns? No.

These children lost their lives to the abortion clinic down the road.

According to the Center for Disease Control, In 2014, 652,639 reported abortions were performed in the United States. Divide that among the 19,519 cities in America counted in the 2013 Census and you get a little more than 33 abortions per year for each city.

If we are going to be outraged about children not being safe, then let’s get real. All life is precious. Every citizen should use all legal means to fight the taking of life by crime, war, disease, hunger, abuse, or personal convenience.  As long as it takes, we should fight on. Make it a matter of prayer, because, yes, prayers do matter.

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