March Madness

Luke Dilley, Jared McPeek, and Wyatt Earhart

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Tuesday, March 13, the day all college basketball fanatics have been waiting for. The top ranked sixty-eight teams of the recent basketball season will go head-to-head in one of the most competitive tournaments of the year. It is such an exciting time to see such young talent exploding and creating such a great versatile league

Athletes come and do what they have been trained and love to do. People all over the world come to see these young men play. Fans and players alike come to gain knowledge and earn degrees to better themselves and to live out their dreams to build a great future. College sports are a sensation and get more and more exciting as student players are showing extraordinary skill that can be shown upfront in best suit.

March Madness is a blast to watch as a fan of basketball. Everyone loves filling out the brackets and seeing if they have that “perfect” bracket. It is always fun to watch a high ranked seed team fall in the first round. This year will be an exciting year to watch a lot of impressive basketball games.

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