Baseball Begins

Heidi Smith, Editor

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Last year’s baseball team consisted of ten players, and the season was not a great as they had hoped, but this year, the team has gained six more players to help the team. The outlook of the season is positive, and the guys are looking forward to more wins, as compared to last season.

Head coach Scott Carrier, or “Scooter,” says that he think the boys will win ten games this year. He believes that their schedule is set up in their favor this year with playing twenty-seven games. He is looking forward to seeing the guys improve this season.

I asked a couple of the guys on the team how they thought the season will go, and their outlook on the season. Senior Caleb Vance said, “I’m nervous, but motivated. There are more guys this year and that makes me more comfortable. I believe it will be a fun growing year, and I am ready to get some ‘dubs.'” Caleb played last year, and has a great perspective from this season and last.

New student and player, junior, Campbell Miller told me how he felt the season would go, “This year, I am looking forward to a great season. This is a cool group of guys, and they have been working hard–we all have been. I think that through the hard work, we will come out with a great season. We are definitely going to win one game this year.”

These guys are hungry this year to get some wins. With the support of the school, and encouragement of their teammates, they should go far this season. They have put in a lot of hard work in the off season and are determined.

Good luck, baseball team, we hope you have a great season.

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