Softball Starts

Heidi Smith and Emily Brunk

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This year’s 2018 girls’ softball team has a lot of new faces coming out to play this year. There are two returning seniors, and two new seniors. There are a lot of new under-class men that have joined the team to see what softball is about.

Head coach and teacher, Kelly Taylor is all about Jesus Christ. She exemplifies what it means to be a servant, and loves all of the players on the team.  When asked what she wanted to see from the team this year she replied, “I am looking forward to spending time with my family[in Christ] and growing spiritually with my sisters. I also am looking forward to praising the Lord in everything we say and do. I hope the other teams see our love for Christ through our generosity and game play.”

She was also excited to see the team grow in their game play and love for the sport. “Grandma McQuate’s cookies, Tasty Tuesday, and the candy bag are a few more of my favorite things.” Coach Taylor’s goal is to win half of this year’s games.

Mallory Hord, senior and first year player, is looking forward to a great season, and spending time with the girls on the team.  She played softball in elementary, but never at the high school varsity level.

Sophie Mowry, a three-year varsity letter winner said with lots of enthusiasm, “I am really excited for this year because we have a lot of freshmen this year, as opposed to last. I think it will be a growing season, because we lack in consistent pitchers, we also have a lot of new girls that came out. I am also excited about having Coach Zirkle come out and help this year.”

The girls and coaches are enthusiastic about this softball season.  Hoping for many wins, they are excited to give their all for the glory of the Lord.

Good luck softball girls!!

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